About Angela Meredith, website designer of Less Stress Design in Fort Mill, SC.


My little nook.

Hi There!

I’m Angela, and I’m a website designer who’s obsessed with the Squarespace platform.

You will too after you discover how easily you can manage your own site; which I teach you as part of my design services.

I love designing websites for small businesses who want or need a better online presence and for entrepreneurs just starting their gig.

It’s exciting being part of the transformation during a website build. I admit it’s always a thrill when a client’s delight lights up my day and they tell me I must have been in their head.

With an artist mindset since I was born, a business background that my wise father insisted upon, and a dental career that was detail driven, I feel like designing websites is my calling.

Time flies when I immerse myself into a project. I choose to schedule and work with just one client at a time. Working this way gives me total freedom to focus and give individual attention and detail to each website, and less stress for myself and the client.


I live in Fort Mill, South Carolina, the southern neighbor of Charlotte, NC, USA.



Being local to me is not necessary.

A great thing about an online business is that I can work with someone no matter where they live! Being local to me is not required.

Other than design, I love spending time with my family and friends, being outside hiking, biking, kayaking, boating, swimming and paddle boarding. I also love traveling, reading, learning, cooking, eating (of course!) and sampling wine.

Must be another design quirk of mine, but I enjoy arranging and photographing flowers. I have them in my house, my posts, plus this website and occasionally others that I build.

So now that you know a bit about me; let me know about you and your business and how I can help you design the website of your dreams!