Using The Squarespace Announcement Bar

Instructions for using the Squarespace announcement bar, by Less Stress Design, Angela Meredith.

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If you’re not already familiar, now is the perfect time to explore the Squarespace announcement bar. The announcement bar is a feature in business and commerce plans where you can toggle on or off at will on your website to highlight something you want visitors to notice right away.

The announcement bar appears full width across the very top of your Squarespace website and will appear on every page. You can style it with background color, normal, bold or italic font, change the font itself, choose font size and font color, and create either a word or the entire bar as a clickable link.

The announcement bar is where you can draw instant attention to special sales, promotions, launching new items, or direct visitors to any information you want them to know about.

The announcement bar is a more subtle version of a pop up window, because it doesn’t pop up suddenly and possibly annoy visitors.

Should it annoy someone, the bar has a close out feature with a small “x” in the upper right corner that a visitor can click so it closes, and it won’t reappear until the next time they visit your website.


From your website dashboard, go to the MARKETING tab > ANNOUNCEMENT BAR > ENABLE ANNOUNCEMENT BAR. (toggle down arrow next to DISABLE ANNOUNCEMENT BAR in order to see the ENABLE option).

As soon as you click “enable announcement bar”, a window will open where you can enter the text you want to appear on the bar. You will have options for creating links (you can link the announcement bar directly to a product or a landing page), and creating bold or italic text. Remember to SAVE after you have entered your message. You will not be able to choose color or font options in this area. So SAVE your message and go back to DESIGN on your dashboard.

create it and style it in separate sections of squarespace

From DESIGN go to > SITE STYLES. When the full menu of styling options loads, go to the actual announcement bar on your site and click it when the blue hover square shows around it. You will notice that the styling options will instantly narrow on your left side dashboard to only be styling options for the announcement bar now.

Go ahead and choose the background color, font color, and all the other font styling that you want to match your brand. Remember to hit SAVE. You will be able to see the announcement bar style changes on your screen as you make your choices--though the public can’t see these until you hit SAVE-so don’t worry that you’re creating a rainbow of changes in real time for visitors who may be on your site.

Should you want to, you can set up your announcement bar beforehand and then go back and toggle DISABLE ANNOUNCEMENT BAR until you are ready for it to show, and it will keep it styled as such, ready for you. There is not a way for you to schedule it, however. You will have to make it “go live” and off again manually when you want to remove the message.

To recap, the announcement bar is an easy Squarespace tool to feature something temporarily (or permanently if you wish) on your website without having to fool around with adding and then removing an announcement within a page. It’s a quick and prominent advertising feature.

As always, thanks for reading! -Angela Meredith of Less Stress Design

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