The Less Stress Design website design process of getting a website built by Angela Meredith, a Squarespace website designer.

How it works…

Let me take you through the Less Stress Website Design Process.

There are so many details when designing and building a website, so I chose a model of communication and collaboration between clients and myself that streamlines the process of expectation and execution so that it’s organized and predictable.

Sharing these steps beforehand lessens the stress for everyone, and enables us to relax and enjoy the journey we take together.

Website design process of Less Stress Design website designer, Angela Meredith. Every business needs a website.

Every business needs a website!

Having a website is how people check out your services and/or products. It’s also a point of contact, giving your location, phone number, email, hours of operation.

Get a professional online presence that shows you are trustworthy.

A professional online presence promotes trust with people who are looking for what you do or sell.

Having a great website isn’t just about design (though that’s important!), but also about clarity of your message and ease of navigation.

Your site should instantly say who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. Plus there should be a clear path of navigation so that visitors know where to find the information they are looking for, and they are motivated to take some sort of action whether it be to submit their email address, buy a product, or make an appointment.

Every website should be mobile responsive. Less stress Design, a Squarespace website designer.

It’s very important that a website is mobile responsive.

I build on Squarespace. Why? For starters, it’s where I choose to have my own online personality live, Less Stress Design. The clean modern look of the templates (which I customize to make them unique) with plenty of white space appeals to the designer in me.

All Squarespace websites are mobile responsive so that websites look great and are easy for visitors to read and use across any type of digital device. Images and text are automatically resized to fit the device screen.

Squarespace has loads of functionality to satisfy almost whatever options someone wants built into a website.

Plus the Squarespace platform is website owner intuitive. I can easily teach a client the back end of their website in 60-90 minutes so they can manage the site themselves if they choose.

Website design and branding with Angela Meredith of Less Stress Design, a Squarespace website designer in Fort mill, SC, Charlotte, NC area.

I make sure you are on point with your logo and branding.

It’s important to resonate with the audience you are targeting and that begins with your logo and branding, which in essence is identifying your core values, and your message, and staying consistent in delivering that.

Every Less Stress Design client is given individualized service and royal treatment.

You deserve to be treated like royalty.

A website is an investment. It’s an integral part of your business and is going to be associated with who you are and what you represent for quite a long time.

You deserve to have your website designer’s full attention to your project during the construction process. From the start I listen as you tell me all about your business and I help you plan how to get your vision implemented onto your website.

I don’t outsource to someone else the important task you entrust me to do. I choose to work with one website client at a time so you get my full attention and focus, and the website is typically built in one to two weeks. The length of time is dependent upon the size and scope of the project. I will quote you the time frame along with the price quote.

As a website designer, I prefer to work with one website client at a time, giving individualized and custom service.

I work with one website client at a time.

Scheduling just one website client during a time frame enables me to focus all my attention on creating the website in a short amount of time and deliver a fully functioning product at the finish. For both you and me, it’s about quality control.

2 week design process (47).jpg

We begin with a conversation.

Let’s begin with a conversation to discover if we are a good fit for each other. You can send me a note, schedule a phone consultation, or if you’re local to the Charlotte area I’d love to meet over a cup of coffee or tea.

Through our conversation I want to know all about your business and what you want to accomplish with your website. I have questions I ask to guide you so you don’t have to stress about having everything figured out ahead of time.

2 week design process (2).jpg

Choose a time slot for your project.

Depending upon the size of a website and what functions or graphics it needs is how I establish how long it will take to build. This is typically a one to two week time frame. Your project will have a defined start and end date.

2 week design process (33).jpg

A deposit holds the time slot, designating it as yours.

After our initial conversation I will follow up with an email recapping all we discussed along with a quote and a contract. You review and return with a signature if accepted.

The date for your project is chosen. I will email an invoice with a payment link for a 50% deposit. Upon payment, that time frame is dedicated to you.

I quote a price per project. I prefer you know exactly what the cost will be up front with no surprises. How much a website costs depends on how simple or involved you want to get. I put some guidelines over on my pricing page.

2 week design process (29).jpg

I’ll share Google Drive folders with you.

I will create a Google Drive folder with instruction and categories for the specifics I need from you to build your website. These prep folders are where you share information and images you want to appear on your website.

It’s important that this prep is completed before your reserved time frame begins so we start and finish on time. I want to make very efficient use of our time together.

Everything is organized in one central location that we both have access and can add to. This method means we aren’t searching through endless emails or wondering what comes next. It’s all laid out and easy to see.

Beforehand I will have researched templates, functions, outlined your website and already sketched some things. I grab the domain name as soon as possible after the deposit if you don’t have one yet.

Then on Day One I get busy!

2 week design process (28).jpg

The building begins!

I LOVE this part. I get in the zone and have to remind myself to come up for air. There are so may details! It’s fun to see things coming together, which is why I let you see what I am doing along the way—so you can enjoy it too!

You can peek in on the progress.

The new website is hidden behind a password during the build so the online world doesn’t see it half-created. I’ll share this password with you.

If you currently have a website, that one can stay live during this time, so no worries about disappearing and losing customers.

2 week design process (41).jpg

It’s important you’re available during the building process.

Your availability during the building process is important! Since periodic review, feedback and approval is necessary to keep marching forward, this is not the time to schedule an exotic off the grid vacation.

2 week design process (50).jpg

I finish on time!

The exciting part of scheduling a specific period to begin and end a project is that the “GO LIVE” date is known and you can schedule business accordingly and plan your launch to the world!

I always strive to finish on time, after all I want to be able to give my next client the same royal treatment I give you.

2 week design process (3).jpg

I teach you to manage your new website!

At the end of the project we schedule a session to take you through the back end of your website. I can teach you so much in about an hour so you’re comfortable with making simple changes and making blog posts on your own.

2 week design process (51).jpg

Final payment is due upon approval and before going live.

After final approval, the site is ready to go live online. I’ll send an invoice for final payment first. Upon payment, I sign over ownership of the website and remove the password from the site.

Your new website launches!

Woo-hoo, your website goes live! Now you know what to expect when working with me. Less stress!

Ready to chat about getting your awesome new website? Send me a note!